Take your Self Defense training to the next level

Regardless of the art or style you study, these truly unique and ingenious training methods will take your product knowledge and street evolved combat functionality to a whole new level.


Inspirational training resource online portal

You will learn to sharpen and refine your self defence tools. Helping you to develop a razor sharp skill set.

Embracing the most radical cultivation of human instinct, ever!

Street Evolved Combat
World class information

All of the information you will be accessing within the portal has been “street” tested, and is actually the consequence of real events and experiences, followed by subsequent years of research and investigation.

Defence Lab
The science of defence

In the LAB environment, and altogether, we will investigate, analyse,  dissect, provoke, question and develop the work in question.

Turning Defense into an Attack.

Here's What You'll Learn

Check this video to discover all the amount of information that you will have access in the Virtual HQ portal. HOLD ON TIGHT.


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For only 37$ a month you have tons of new content each week. 4 primary folders to study and develop your skills, plus bonus content by Defence Lab.


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